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WordPress is a web software that can be used to create versatile websites or a blog or anything in between. According to the latest data about a quarter or 25% of all websites use WordPress as their engine. In a larger context, this software belongs to the type of scripts called Content Management System (CMS for short).

It is very popular because after the initial setup anybody can update the content or add new content. While this is a huge long term advantage, most business owners, however, ask for help when installing and customizing their WordPress site at the beginning, and they take it over from there. Others prefer not to be involved with the day to day running of the web property and they outsource even the maintenance to a third party. We can be that third party for your business…

At Mozgolab CG, we have been involved with WordPress since 2004, right after it was created in 2003. Whether you need help only with the initial setup and customization or you want a full “done-for-you” turnkey experience – we are there for you!

All websites that we set up using WordPress will be mobile-friendly out of the box! And with the existing apps you – as the owner of the site – can update your site using your smartphone. Or you can just leave it to us to maintain it while you are taking care of the business.
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